Multi Point Massager and Self Massager

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What is Bonsai Wellness Multi Point Massager and Self Massager

Reduces Inflammation, Stiffness and Soreness

Muscle tension accumulates from tensing muscles from stress or holding the body in unnatural positions. If you are not standing or sitting in a true upright relaxed position muscles will tend to tighten up and develop trigger points.

Resilient Ergonomic Design Provides Effective Profound Massage and Acupressure Trigger Point Release

Experiencing tension and soreness in the upper back is a typical symptom of a swollen or enflamed trapezius muscle. The Bonsai Wellness Multi Point Self massage tool is designed to target trigger points to relieve tension, stress, headaches and pain from soreness and tightened muscle.

Great for Overworked Muscles and Athletes

Useful for Cross Fitters, Yoga enthusiasts and other Athletes, the multi-point massager can be used to increase flexibility and range of motion before workouts. It is also helpful for relaxing tense, sore and soft muscles following strenuous activity.

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